Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wild and Unruly

I was always told to use heat protection on my hair, not to use excessive heat, and to just let my curly locks be. I tend to be stubborn and I, as usual, didn't listen. Even the fact that I am a cosmetology student knowing pretty much perfectly how the hair works... I fried my hair. Now the world has the real frizzy haired girl from The Croods walking around. I won't be touching any heating tools for the next few month I hope I can go through with it. It's just strange dressing up and having your hair look like a wild animal on your head, but I guess that's when hats come in handy. This bowler hat is my favorite I wouldn't mind having to wear it everyday. I paired it with a tan circle skirt and a lace long sleeve, since it is a bit chilly out I added some knee highs and my worn out wedged booties. 
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Bowler hat - Cotton On/ Wedged Booties - JCP/ Circle Skirt - F21/ Lace shirt, Necklace - Thrifted

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  1. I actually used one of these photos for my Fashion class project I had to do! Thanks Girl for the help (:

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