Saturday, March 2, 2013


An extra post today, who is ever going to understand me, I either update to often or not at all. I promise to get that fixed! Well, out for errands getting ready for some family time tonight. So I did some layering which included my bottoms today because change is good. Lately I've been changing my diet and finally becoming a bit more active, I can honestly say it makes such a difference you feel amazing. I am thinking of adding some recipes and juices to this blog. I recently made a strawberry, orange and carrot juice, which was great!  Now, unlike most people, I love waking up early during the weekends! Getting up a few hours earlier gives you so much time, since the sun does disappear so fast. I'm looking forward to spring break no sleeping in I have to keep my sleeping schedule. 
Hope you guys have amazing plans for spring break!
Shoes, Sweater, Hat - H&M/ Tights, Shorts, Shirt - Thirfted 

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