Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stepping out of my comfort zone.

Well, this has been a great start to this whole "try new things" resolution. *sarcasm* 
I've been absent for the past month, I wish I could say I went off on an adventure of a life time and had no absolute time to look at my blog. Sadly that's not the case I've been mistreating my laptop for the past month leaving the poor thing all on it's own with no one to hold, but I am back and here to stay! I've honestly been up to no good and eating junk food like there's no tomorrow. Other than my rebellious eating  it is also that time of year when finals struck and everyone freaks because... senioritis, which I surfer of, reveals its true colors and they aren't too pretty. Thanks to the gods I am officially done with finals but I'm left having to deal with senioritis for the next 4 months and all sorts of "What will I do with my life after high school!??!" questions, that are becoming a bit of a ramble, in the back of my head. To start this into real life journey I am beginning to apply for work at different salons. The truth is that I'm scared out of my mind I've been stuck i my little comfort zone for the past 17 years, but now I have to put on my big girl pants stop whining. Fear my be clouding my mind but as I write this I can honestly say excitement is taking over me. There are so many new opportunities that are coming my way! I wonder where life will take me.. the place I've always imagined or maybe I belong somewhere else. As long as I'm happy, because that's what matters.
Happy Late New Years! (:
Now here are some of the few pictures, also I forgot to mention I now have short blue hair!

I met Whataburger this winter break (:

I am on a dyi bow frenzy!

You can see the junk food I keep in my room and my hardly used make up.