Monday, March 25, 2013

I Wanna Go

This outfit is practically all diy! The blazer's sleeves were cut off and the skirt looked a bit out of my grandmother's closet before I ran some scissors through it. I love when spring comes around because it means you can to cut and rip your clothes apart creating unique or very trendy pieces. Apart from that there's also thrifting! People don't understand how much of a compulsive thrifter I am. Thrifting and upcycling clothes are two things I can't ever get tired of. I may post some diys soon, I tend to go diy insane when it comes to spring and summer! Well have an amazing week! I'll be back soon with a thrifting haul and a bit of pictures that have really been influencing my spring shopping!

Bustier - F21/ Skirt, Necklace, Blazer - Thrifted/ Wedges- Love Culture

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Off for the day

My favorite season is spring ironically I have the worst allergies during spring. How can these beautiful days bring me such pain? At least I got a day off school, but first I had to wake up to a awful head ache and what seemed like a rubber band around my throat. Apart form that my day was great had an awesome time hanging out with my little brother. We spent time on the swings and even had our our little picnic. He is also the one who took these pictures, pretty good for a four year old I think.
DIY High Waisted Shorts, T-Shirt - Thifted/ Studded Loafers - FE/ Knitted Cardigan - American Eagle

Saturday, March 2, 2013


An extra post today, who is ever going to understand me, I either update to often or not at all. I promise to get that fixed! Well, out for errands getting ready for some family time tonight. So I did some layering which included my bottoms today because change is good. Lately I've been changing my diet and finally becoming a bit more active, I can honestly say it makes such a difference you feel amazing. I am thinking of adding some recipes and juices to this blog. I recently made a strawberry, orange and carrot juice, which was great!  Now, unlike most people, I love waking up early during the weekends! Getting up a few hours earlier gives you so much time, since the sun does disappear so fast. I'm looking forward to spring break no sleeping in I have to keep my sleeping schedule. 
Hope you guys have amazing plans for spring break!
Shoes, Sweater, Hat - H&M/ Tights, Shorts, Shirt - Thirfted 

Wild and Unruly

I was always told to use heat protection on my hair, not to use excessive heat, and to just let my curly locks be. I tend to be stubborn and I, as usual, didn't listen. Even the fact that I am a cosmetology student knowing pretty much perfectly how the hair works... I fried my hair. Now the world has the real frizzy haired girl from The Croods walking around. I won't be touching any heating tools for the next few month I hope I can go through with it. It's just strange dressing up and having your hair look like a wild animal on your head, but I guess that's when hats come in handy. This bowler hat is my favorite I wouldn't mind having to wear it everyday. I paired it with a tan circle skirt and a lace long sleeve, since it is a bit chilly out I added some knee highs and my worn out wedged booties. 
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Bowler hat - Cotton On/ Wedged Booties - JCP/ Circle Skirt - F21/ Lace shirt, Necklace - Thrifted